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Through the different sessions of this course:


  • We will take a brief tour of the history and origin of numerology.

  • We will work on the numbers, from 0 to 9, analyzing their meaning, vibration and the hidden language.

  • We will discover that it tells us the date of our birth and full name.

  • What is our Gift of birth, the evolution of our soul, what backpack do we bring from other lives and what have we come to learn.

  • We will analyze the master numbers, 11, 22, 33 and 44.

  • We will identify the Karmic numbers and why they are present on our dates.

  • Analysis of numerical sequences, conversions, inverted sequences, etc.

  • We will carry out practical exercises to internalize the numerical language, always connecting with our essence.

  • Pythagoras triangle and its applications.

  • We will project the triangle up to 81 years with date of birth and full name of each person, to understand and analyze past, present and future.


And most importantly, I will guide you to DESIGN YOUR LIFE PLAN.


The course takes place in four sessions of a full day from 10:00 to 18:30, generally on Saturday. Check our calendar of events for upcoming dates.


Limited places.


Facilitator: Monfragüe Serrano
Numerologist, Emotional Therapist specialized in breakouts and Emotional Freedom Techniques

and Floral Therapies.
Energetic Artist.


El camino del Perdón y el amor es más necesario que nunca

Un Curso de Milagros es una oportunidad para empezar a vivir en nuestras vidas el único y verdadero camino, el Camino del Amor.

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