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You will learn to identify what you feel, know and is, your true self. We will differentiate each sensation by communicating with the body in a simple and clear way. We will discover areas of ourselves unknown until now and we will bring to light everything that prevents us from moving forward, such as beliefs, inherited memories, erroneous programs, acquired social behaviors or Karmas. You will develop your extrasensory talents for internal growth, maintenance of health and elevation of consciousness.

The human being is a perfect machinery capable of feeling, thinking and acting intelligently. Within ourselves there is an innate wisdom that protects, loves and gives life. Our whole body, from an arm or a leg, to the smallest cell of the organism is perceiving internal and external sensations that show us the state of our interior.

In these moments of evolution in which we find ourselves, it is necessary to get closer to the true reality of who we are. Remove the bandages that keep us asleep and begin to realize ourselves as who we really are:
Spiritual beings living a physical experience.

We will learn various spiritual energy techniques. Creating a bridge between the ancestral wisdom that we have recorded in our existential records and the present, with the therapeutic advances of the spiritual energy present.

We will walk into a new era to become a new spiritual human.


This course is aimed at all those people who are interested in their personal growth and for the improvement of their whole being. Encouraged to deepen their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, opening up to new concepts of living life.

People who wish to know, awaken and develop the innate capacities of their being.

People who are anxious to remember what they do on this planet and put their life mission in motion.

People who feel their involvement in the common good of all living beings and the evolution of this beautiful planet.

Recommended both for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in energy therapy, and for those who want to start on the wonderful path of self-knowledge through learning and remembering the innate power that exists in each one of us.


  1. Dossier with the syllabus of the entire course.

  2. Agenda of each module in writing.

  3. Access to the course through the classroom online platform.

  4. Instructional videos for carrying out the practices.

  5. Practices with real therapy recipients during the workshop. A free practice at the center where the training is received. If the student is qualified, he or she will be able to do some practice with the teacher or fellow therapists.

  6. Printed certification of spiritual energy therapist for those who complete the course.

  7. Weekend coexistence with classmates at the end of the course.


  1. Anatomy of the energy body: aura, chakras, meridians and channels of light, basic and dimensional bodies, energy points, sacred geometry. Knowing is power. Knowing what we are made of and how our energy works will give us a great push towards the wisdom of how to live in fullness, harmony and simplicity.

  2. Types of energies that surround us (Entities, psychic vampires, parasites, wandering souls, elementals ...) Ways of recognizing them, cleaning and protection. Patterns and aura reading. (Talking about these things has long been taboo in society, however we all know that there is something unknown and that it may be affecting us.) No one has explained to us how to handle such situations. This knowledge is within our reach today and will give us a lot of understanding of why some things happen.

  3. Basic kinesiology , we will learn to test the unconscious. Accessing the records of the person and discovering what is the root of the imbalance or distortion in which it is found. We will provide resources for the bodies: Physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

  4. Other realities and dimensions out of this plane . We will astrally visit cities of light and we will get closer to life on other planets, we will reconnect with our family of light and we will feel the joy of being unity. It will be a fascinating journey.

  5. Quantum connection training . Very high vibration technique that will be very useful in any area of ​​life. Quantum tools and protocols for the immediate release of programs, memories, beliefs, karma, ties, family system and diseases. Quantum is currently the highest healing frequency that humans have access to. Its benefits are unlimited.

  6. Knowledge of regression techniques and concepts necessary to be a medium . Impressive workshop where you will learn to communicate with different energies. You will understand why they are here, ways to help them and their liberation.

  7. Energy exercises for health with Chi Kung . Millennial technique for the maintenance of health that will teach us to regulate the body, mind and spirit. Meridian stretching, organ cleansing through sound, polarity balancing, Tuina massage, various forms of breathing. The benefits of chi kung become noticeable from the first month. You will learn how to perform them to improve your health and you will also be able to recommend them to other people.

  8. Therapeutic psychology : Ways to manage empathy. Assessment of therapy. Types of patients. Therapist behavior. Manual for the success of your formation as a spiritual human being. Elevation of self-esteem and connection with your true essence to act from that center in your life. Guidelines for proper nutrition and discipline to take care of yourself.


We are spiritual beings living a physical experience. For complete health, the two bodies must be treated equally, the physical and the spiritual body, since they are inseparable. In this course we will deal with everything that forms the human being. It will be a wonderful journey inland.


The course will be held from October 2020 to June 2021
Once a month. Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The course can be taken at any of the centers that are taught, the student choosing the center and date that suits their days off. If any date is impossible for you to attend for work or personal reasons, you can do it in another of the centers where it is taught on another date that coincides with you and thus complete the entire course.
It can be done online with separate practices and face-to-face exam.
Training as a spiritual energy therapist implies the complete completion of the course.
If someone is interested in only one or more modules, they can be done on the date they are taught, separately from the course.


He teaches: ANA BELÉN PANGEA - Energetic and quantum healing therapist.

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