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Since ancient times, crystals have accompanied people of all cultures, considered magical and admired for their beauty, they have not left any culture in the world indifferent.

Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, Africans, Americans. Kings, emperors, shamans, all have recognized their properties and have used them for healing, protection, attracting wealth and as beautiful jewels.

In this workshop we will learn the basic notions of their use, how to care for them, clean them and use them for specific purposes. Did you know, for example, that there are crystals that are sensitive to water? or sensitive to light?


It is a wonderful and very wide world in which we will never finish learning, because every time new minerals are discovered with wonderful properties that help us to travel through the times we live in.


So we will start with the basics and then we will go deeper into its use and qualities.


1. Introduction
2. Choose a crystal
3. Crystalline forms
4. Take care of our crystals
5. Clean the windows
6. Energy recharge of the crystals
7. Ways to use a crystal
8. Ritualize a crystal
9. Crystals for your home
10. The chakras and their crystals
11. Crystals for specific uses.


Whether you already know them or if you are just beginning to know them, you will surely find interesting topics.

Course manual and crystal kits specially tested for you are delivered.

Places are limited.

Contribution: 60 euros
if you bring a companion € 50 each.

He teaches: Pilar Cañavera

Place: NÉCTAR DE LOTUS, C / Palomares 1, local 2. Leganés

Information and reservations: 916 93 53 23
Wasap 639 944 725

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