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Harmony, health and prosperity for your life

What is Feng shui?


Translated literally means "wind and water", it is an ancient Chinese science that has been in charge through the centuries to study the behavior and flow of "Chi" or vital energy in nature.


Through Feng shui we can live in an environment as harmonious as possible that supports us in our daily lives and in our personal development.


Feng shui studies and applies ancient principles that help us improve our wealth, our health and our personal relationships.


The energies that are analyzed in a Feng shui study do not arise from magic or imagination. They are real forces of nature that sometimes we cannot perceive, but they are there, like the force of gravity, nobody sees it, but it is felt.

Our house is a reflection of our inner world and vice versa. If we have harmony in our environment, this harmony will be reflected in our interior helping us to have peace and positive energy to achieve our goals and a balanced life.

The Feng Shui study of your space

How to fill our environment with prosperous Chi? Good health and energy for our life?

With a study of Feng Shui you can achieve it and that these good energies are part of your life.

So that your home is your refuge, your resting place, your great ally for your happiness and prosperity.











It is recommended to carry out a Feng shui study to harmonize our home if:


  • You want to boost your prosperity and personal development.

  • You want to remodel your house or buy a new one

  • You notice that the energy in your home has undergone changes and you no longer feel comfortable in it.

  • You have experienced abrupt job changes, relationships, or other unexpected situations.

  • You feel that your professional life is stagnant or your business is not progressing.

  • Your relationship with your partner suffers a crisis and you can't understand why.

  • You want to start a new project in your life and you want to have as much positive energy as possible.


With a Feng Shui report for your home you can know:


  • The areas with a lot of positive energy in your house that you must activate for prosperity.

  • The areas that need adjustments because they may be generating negative energies.

  • The best location of your double bed to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

  • The favorable directions to sleep, work, study and those that we should avoid.

  • The wealth zone according to your date of birth, which is the best place to put a piggy bank or valuables.


Can I apply Feng Shui to my business?


Yes of course!! In fact, one of the most vibrant and prosperous cities in Asia is Hong Kong and many agree that this prosperity is due to the good Feng Shui that this city has.

Few businesses in this part of the world are opened without first being reviewed by a Feng Shui consultant.


With a Feng Shui report for your business you can know:


  • The best location for your cash register

  • The most harmonious way to place your goods

  • What are the most appropriate areas to locate storage areas.

  • The most favorable directions to serve your customers for you and your employees.

How can I get the Feng Shui Study for my home or business?


Initially we will carry out an interview or visit, in which information about the house is gathered and the energy in the house is analyzed. We will need:

  1. Plan of the house or the premises, if you do not have it, we will do it on the first visit with an additional cost.

  2. Of the inhabitants of the house, their date of birth and other information of interest.

  3. Photos of the different rooms

Based on this information, a written report is prepared that contains:

  • General analysis of the energy of the house and of each of the rooms according to the flying stars.

  • Clear information on the recommendations to be applied in each room of the house or business and relocation of objects if required.

  • Favorable directions for each of the occupants to rest, work, study. As well as those addresses that should be avoided, also alternatives when these cannot be changed.

  • This report also contains the information summarized graphically on the house plan.


This study can be carried out in person, making a home visit or remotely, sending us all the information by mail. Contact us for more information and request your budget.

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