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"Open the door ajar and go in. Don't let anything or anyone discourage you. At the end of the day, what is truly revolutionary and transgressive in this age is to feel good, despite everything"

Just for today...

I don't get irritated

I do not worry

I am grateful

I work honestly and diligently

I am kind and respectful

Reiki benefits

The Reiki path is the path to yourself, it helps you connect with your essence, in the search for your internal mastery and your spiritual growth. A path that will undoubtedly lead you to fill your life with harmony, health and happiness.


Reiki contributes to our spiritual growth, since through its practice, our energy is purified and we are raising our vibration, which results in the people around us and life in general.

Reiki helps us heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Wherever there is a blockage or energy imbalance, Reiki can act to restore balance and the proper functioning and flow of energy.

Reiki Therapy
Healing Touch Therapy_1

A Reiki therapy lasts approximately 50 minutes. During that time the person is lying on a stretcher, without shoes and fully clothed.


During that time the Reiki therapist will test the person's energy system, giving energy where it is needed to help dissolve any energy blockage that exists and restoring the energy level where possible.


After a Reiki session, the person will feel more relaxed and vital. So it is widely recommended for cases of anxiety, stress or any ailment. Reiki does not replace in any case medical treatment, but it can help a faster recovery from any situation.

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Remote reiki

A distance Reiki therapy is recommended for those who cannot travel to the consultation due to health reasons or geographical distance.


We know that everything in the Universe is energy and that it moves where it is required. Reiki is not affected by limitations of time or space, so it works in the same way both in person and remotely.


First, a telephone contact is made and the time of therapy is agreed. When the person who will receive it can be calm and not be interrupted. At the end of the treatment, another communication is made via wasap or telephone to exchange feelings and close the session.

Reiki encounters

It is a space to share the knowledge and practice of Reiki.


People initiated in Reiki of any level who want to share, recycle knowledge or simply practice can participate. Also those people who, without being initiated, are interested in knowing Reiki as a way of life and personal growth.


During the meetings, Reiki topics such as Reiki philosophy, the energetic structure of the human being, tools for personal and spiritual growth are discussed, and Reiki practices are carried out, either self-treatment, treatment of other people and other Reiki techniques. .

The Reiki Training

Reiki training consists of 4 levels or stages of learning, each one will lead us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and to greater spiritual growth.


First Level of Reiki: SHODEN

It is the beginning of the path to health and happiness. It is the level for self-healing. At this level, work on ourselves prevails, becoming a good channel of Reiki energy through daily practice and personal work. It also allows us to take the first steps to help heal others.


Second Level of Reiki: CHUDEN

We continue the path of growth, healing and self-knowledge. Reiki symbols are received for mental and emotional healing, and also the sending of Reiki energy at a distance. We began to do a deeper work at the energy level.

Third Level of Reiki: OKUDEN

This level opens the door to inner mastery and helps us to recognize and heal karma. It shows us the way to our divine essence, expanding our connection with the Universal Source. At this level the work is deeper and on a more spiritual level.


Reiki Mastery: SHINPIDEN

The mysterious path that leads us to a full life and the Anshin Ritsumei. It prepares us for the teaching of Reiki. By sharing our Reiki path with others we continue to learn and raise our vibration in unconditional love.

 Formación Terapeuta Integral de Reiki


En Néctar de Lotus contamos con una formación que quiere abordar los temas de Reiki de una forma más profunda y más integral.  Ya que reconocemos la ayuda que puede brindar Reiki como un camino de crecimiento personal y espiritual.

Es una gran herramienta de transformación y mejoramiento de tu vida en general. 


Encuentra más información sobre nuestras formaciones en la sección de CURSOS


"For me Reiki means something magical !!, a moment of peace and tranquility, connecting with my interior and healing my body, my soul and my mind !!"


"Reiki was the discovery that I am not only mind and that there is a wider world that with the help of Reiki I am discovering. Reiki encounters are the moment of consciousness."


It has been a short time since I discovered Reiki but it has been very satisfactory, it has helped me a lot and in these times of confinement much more. I thank my teacher for her teachings.


"I discovered Reiki a long time ago, it was a time when my energy was very uncontrolled. And in the search for something that I did not know what it was, I found Reiki, and that wonderful discovery never left me and it is always my companion."


"Reiki for me has been a real discovery, thanks to this therapy I keep my body and my soul in peace and serenity, it makes you strong, I am very grateful to you"

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