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Second level of Reiki

"The way of Reiki is to achieve that in every minute of our day,

we can learn to be authentic and loving people "

The Reiki path is an inner path of self-knowledge to achieve a full and happy life, of continuous growth in love and well-being. In this second level the learning is focused on the mental and emotional part, while in the first the focus is on the physical part.

In the first level you made a first contact with energy and have been practicing. In this second level, the techniques learned in the first are deepened and new teachings are given that will allow you to expand your energy level, your health and well-being and continue helping other people with the techniques that you will learn.

Course content :


  • Importance of our thoughts and emotions

  • Reiki symbols, their meaning and how to use them.

  • Reiki at a distance.

  • How to heal present, past and future

  • Second level traditional Japanese Reiki techniques


With this learning a new range of possibilities opens up to improve your life through Reiki.


He teaches: Pilar Cañavera. Tibetan Usui Reiki Master, Japanese Traditional Reiki-Komyo Reiki Kai, Reiki Combat Kenyukai.

Place: NECTAR OF LOTUS . C / Palomares 1, local 2. Leganés

Information: 916 93 53 23

Contribution: 140 euros

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