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Flor púrpura

Pilar Cañavera - Director of Nectar of Lotus


  • Tibetan Usui Reiki Master, Japanese Traditional Reiki-Komyo Reiki Kai, Reiki Combat Kenyukai.

  • Professional Feng Shui Consultant

  • Flower therapist and crystal therapy


"From a very young age I felt that call to search for something more, the path of the human being as an integral being, with a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part. That is how I began to know crystals, meditation, Reiki, metaphysics, Feng Shui, Bach flowers and many other energy therapies that have brought me to you today, to share all of this with you, with the sincere desire that they help you as much in your life as they have helped me in mine. "

Our mission

Working from the heart


In Nectar de Lotus we have a special approach towards the search for our inner wisdom, centered on the inspiration that comes from the own self. We believe that happiness and well-being come from within us and that we can all reach a full and happy life if we really want it from the heart and work for it.
Such an approach incorporates physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects. From day one, our goal has been to bring the best techniques and alternatives for spiritual development from the hand of the best professionals.
Just as the lotus flower that is born in the middle of murky waters can show us all its splendor and beauty, also people can achieve spiritual and personal growth that leads us to happiness despite problems.

Let us help you on the path to a fuller life.


Nectar de Lotus is a Center for personal and spiritual growth located in Leganés. We provide our clients with a wide variety of options in terms of personal development, spiritual growth and well-being at all levels. Make that positive change in your lifestyle that you have wanted so much. Discover what Lotus Nectar can do for your well-being.

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