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Mujer meditando en un prado alpino

Union between body, mind and spirit



"The practice of Yoga is millenary, immense and deeply generous, because it always gives you pearls if you persist in its path.


But what is Yoga, really? It is the experience of Oneness. As Shankara said: "We are all One, but this is not for everyone or at the same time." If we are all One and live in the experience of it, violence would fall and Compassion would shine.

And how do we get to that experience of Unity? In the practice of Yoga, there are different branches, which are like rivers that flow into the same sea, the experience of the Self. In the West, the best known branches are Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) and Radja Yoga (mental yoga) .

With the practice of Hatha Yoga, through asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises), we will enjoy fantastic tools to awaken our consciousness in this Unit.

Physical Yoga is not a cult of the body, but this does not mean that we will not obtain wonderful benefits such as rebalancing our spine, better digestion, better quality of sleep, increased defenses, greater mental clarity, etc.

A healthier body that I accompany with my breathing, that my mind accompany my body and my emotions are observed will not only bring me serenity but will anchor me in the present.

The practice of Yoga takes me to the here and now and right at that moment is where everything happens. Right in the present you already are, you already are. Our personality withdraws and you allow yourself to transit and remain in a space without a name, without form, this space conforms you, sustains you and unites you with everything that exists.

So you are invited to enter your house, in your sacred space, not to stay only at the door of the posture, that would be a good gymnastics, but you would miss the gift of deepening where it can lead you. That place you go to is always available to you.

I invite you to your practice always. If you are okay, it will be wonderful. If you are wrong, it will also be wonderful, because a little practice will remind you who you really are and show you your guide and path.

As for Radja Yoga, by not extending further with other branches, you will understand that the mind can be your friend. Such a mind will shine and be a sample of the Unity that is in Everything. Such a mind will have inspiration. Observe it and nourish it with delicacies and, then, you will see how Peace is more within your reach. Yoga practice does not need any more introductions, just practice. This path is only shown by practicing it. I wish you a practice full of presence. Namaste. "

Author: Feli García Real - Yoga Teacher



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