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The world of Dowsing is a world that has always fascinated mankind. Pendulum and rods have been used since ancient times for tasks as simple as finding water. It was thought then that the person who could master this art was a person with special abilities. Today we know that with proper training we can develop our intuition and achieve the correct use of this instrument.

In this small workshop we will learn to work with the pendulum and the care that we must give it. It is a practical workshop that will allow you to have the basic tools to be able to use your pendulum and develop your intuition with practice.


  • Brief definition of dowsing and pendulum

  • Why does the pendulum work?

  • Pendulum types

  • What can I ask the pendulum? Ethics and free will

  • Pendulum cleaning and care

  • How to store our pendulum

  • Consecration and ritualization of the pendulum

  • Using the pendulum

  • Practice with YES / NO questions

  • Practice with tables and other types of questions.

It is important to bring a pendulum. If you don't have it, you can buy it here, testing which one is the most recommended for you.

Contribution: 30 euros



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