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Feng Shui literally translated means "wind and water", it is an ancient Chinese art that is responsible for studying the behavior and flow of "Chi" or vital energy in nature and use it to harmonize our environment.


There are many buildings that have applied the principles of Feng Shui through the centuries, such as the Forbidden City, home of the Chinese emperors in ancient times and the Bank of Hong Kong, one of the most important symbols of wealth in the present.


Our house is a reflection of our inner world and vice versa. If we have harmony in our environment, this harmony will be reflected in our interior helping us to have peace and positive energy to achieve our goals and a balanced life.


With this workshop you will learn basic principles of Feng Shui and its practical application in your daily life to activate positive energies and control the negative energies that we have in our environment. You will be able to identify the sectors of your house where to activate prosperity, health, love and place cures in those areas of the house that do not have favorable energies.


This workshop has a personalized approach and is eminently practical, since the participants will apply the principles and formulas explained on the plan of their own home.

You must bring the following information for the application of the knowledge acquired in the workshop:

  • Date of birth and sex of the people living in the house

  • Plan of the house. Several copies in a size no larger than a folio and with the basic layout of the rooms in the house.

  • Year of construction

  • Pens or pencils in 3 different colors.

  • Rule

  • If you have a compass you can bring it.

Will be delivered:

  • Handbook

  • Squad of the 24 mountains


At the end, the student will have the Feng Shui plan of his house with the necessary adjustments to have harmony and prosperity, which represents a good part of a Feng Shui study, he will know its favorable directions and will learn how to calculate it for his friends and family.


The course takes place in two full-day sessions from 10:00 to 18:30 with a lunch break.


Teaches: PILAR CAÑAVERA - Professional Feng Shui Consultant


Contribution: 110 euros session

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