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Would you like to improve the energy of your home and feel more comfortable in it?

Do you feel comfortable when you walk through the front door of the house and relax?

The energy in our house is essential to ensure a good rest and a good recovery of our energies.


Feng shui helps you ensure that prosperous Chi flows properly in your home by giving you the support you need so that your dreams and projects go ahead, your health is optimal and your relationships are satisfactory.

In this workshop we will go through the different rooms of the house: kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, entrance and we will give tips that will help you prevent negative energy from accumulating at home and that positive energy increases and flows properly.

They will be simple tips and recommendations that you can apply from the first moment and you will notice the difference.


  • Meditation connecting with our home

  • Touring our rooms:

    • Main entrance and hall

    • Living room and dining room

    • Bath

    • Bedroom

    • Your closet

    • Kitchen

    • Other general aspects of the house

  • Energy cleaning of spaces

He teaches: PILAR CAÑAVERA. Professional Feng Shui Consultant.

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