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"Go to your deepest center: knock on the door and ask your heart what it already knows" (William Shakespeare)


The Tarot is much more than a way of guessing the past, present and future; Above all, it is a method of psychological and therapeutic orientation in three phases:

- Introspection: it consists of looking inside ourselves, connecting with the deepest part of ourselves, bringing to light everything that we have repressed and that is affecting us unconsciously, taking over our state of mind and on many occasions our decisions.

- Acceptance: being aware of the reality that occurs within us, the cards or arcana will allow us to identify the content that is affecting us.

- Healing: It consists of a change of vision or introducing a new approach that opens different possibilities or alternatives offering us a therapeutic itinerary.


It is a practical and creative workshop, with different dynamics that allow personal and group enrichment. Through interaction we all enrich ourselves.


  • Know in depth the Major Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille and the Tarot Rider. Be able to perform psychological and predictive interpretations with confidence and fluency.

  • Improve personal knowledge, developing our senses through arcana symbology.

  • Understand human nature and its psychological patterns symbolized in the Tarot.

  • Anticipating events as part of our evolutionary path.

  • Be aware of our blocks and know how to free ourselves.

  • And above all, .. "Make learning a transformative experience."



  • Our lives are the product of our decisions and not of circumstances. We are fully responsible for the life we ​​have ”.

  • “We make our decisions based on our deeply rooted beliefs and behavior patterns; therefore, we build our lives based on our beliefs ”.

  • "The main obstacle to achieving fulfillment in any aspect of life is ourselves, that is, our resistance to changing patterns of thought and behavior that do not work."

  • "We attract what we need to grow and not what we think and less what we want."

  • "Each of us carries within us the potentials necessary to fulfill ourselves in all aspects and to be happy."



  • Introduction. What is tarot and how does it work?

  • Fundamental concepts of analytical psychology applied to the "hero's journey".

  • Unitary vision of the Tarot by creating an evolutionary mandala. Study of the septenaries and ternaries of the Tarot as a way of personal development.

  • The shadow in the Tarot: conception, formation, recognition, acceptance and integration.

  • The projective phenomenon: "The tarot as a mirror of the soul"

  • The structure of the Tarot in different mandalas.

  • Interpretation codes: clothing of the figures, symbols, looks, colors, etc.

  • Spins

We will work on a minimum of 10 different types of readings, starting with simple readings with three cards, to progressively address the more complex readings.

We will carry out practices with the questions of the students themselves, and of practical cases. As the course progresses, the students will take more prominence, also doing readings among themselves. Combination and sensation exercises will be performed.

The course is developed in monthly classes that can be two-hour sessions on Thursdays every fifteen days or one session a month on Saturday or Sunday morning, according to the availability of the group.

Lecturer: Miwel Luna Balmori

El Tarot es mucho más que una forma de adivinar el pasado, presente y futuro; sobre todo es un método de orientación psicológica y terapéutica en tres fases:

  • Introspección: consiste en mirar hacia nuestro interior, conectar con lo más profundo de nosotros mismos sacando a la luz todo aquello que hemos reprimido y que nos está afectando de modo inconsciente, adueñándose de nuestro estado de ánimo y en muchas ocasiones de nuestras decisiones.

  • Aceptación: ser consciente de la realidad que ocurre en nuestro interior, las cartas o arcanos nos permitirán identificar el contenido que nos está afectando.

  • Sanación: Consiste en un cambio de visión o introducir un nuevo enfoque que abra posibilidades o alternativas distintas ofreciéndonos un itinerario terapéutico.


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