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Third level of Reiki

"A true healer receives the gift of life and unites and establishes the life force everywhere. Love is life, the essence of the Divine Plan."

We continue the path of Reiki, which is the path to self-knowledge and our inner mastery. In the first levels we have worked the physical part in the first level and the mental and emotional part in the second level.


In this third level of Reiki we go to a deeper knowledge of ourselves. We started to work on the spiritual part. Our ultimate goal is to achieve "the path of Satori" or path to enlightenment.


Working with the techniques and symbols contained in this level, we will be able to increase our vibration and reach a much higher state of inner realization.


This level was the maximum taught by Usui Sensei. In it we will learn the master symbol, how to heal Karma, what Reiki means as a spiritual path and other techniques such as psychic surgery, the quartz grill that will allow us to consolidate ourselves as Reiki therapists and achieve our inner mastery.

Course content :


  • Review of Reiki symbols

  • Third level Reiki symbols

  • How to heal personal and family karma

  • Reiki and psychic surgery

  • Quartz grill

  • Open Reiju

  • Third level traditional Japanese Reiki techniques


Once this level is internalized, the Reiki practitioner is ready to receive mastery.


He teaches: Pilar Cañavera. Tibetan Usui Reiki Master, Japanese Traditional Reiki-Komyo Reiki Kai, Reiki Combat Kenyukai.

Place: NECTAR OF LOTUS . C / Palomares 1, local 2. Leganés

Information: 916 93 53 23

Contribution: 200 euros

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